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    Pack and Bring – November 2013

      /  DESTINATIONS   /  Pack and Bring – November 2013

    Here are our monthly picks for your beach vacation and essential travel gear for this November, including designer covers for smartphones and MIO Alpha.

    Beach Reads

    Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation

    cooked-michael-pollanAuthor: Michael Pollan

    In a culture of celebrity chefs and food reality shows, in countries that are crammed with fresh ingredients flown in from every corner of the globe, people nonetheless wade deeper and deeper into processed food. In a series of encounters with chefs from around the world, Michael Pollan takes readers on a journey through the fundamentals of cooking while uncovering many of its inner mysteries, from tiny specks of yeast to a whole hog roast. The result is a funny and surprising book that encourages us to revel in the magical activity of cooking.

    Bunker Hill: A City, a Siege, a Revolution

    bunker-hill-nathaniel-philbrickAuthor: Nathaniel Philbrick

    Lost in the story of America’s path to independence is the tumultuous nature of that nation’s origin: the interplay of ideologies and personalities that provoked a group of merchants, farmers, artisans, and sailors to take up arms in pursuit of liberty. Through stories of patriotism, violence, and courage, and written with passion, insight, even-handedness, and eloquence, Nathaniel Philbrick’s book brings to life in Bunker Hill the robust, chaotic, and blisteringly real origins of America.

    Travel Gear

    Guess and Just Cavalli phone covers

    guess-just-cavali-phone-coverCovers for smartphones and tablets have become fashion accessories. Guess and Just Cavalli designed two collections of covers for these devices to help owners match their high-tech accessories with their outfits and to protect them from falls or from being scratched by other objects in one’s purse. While Guess chose a simpler design that showcases pattern and color, Just Cavalli opted for animal prints, using modern materials and bright tones.

    MIO Alpha

    mio-alphaWhen traveling, there is often not enough time to stick to a training regimen, and MIO Alpha can be helpful for travelers who want a short but efficient workout. This is the first and only sports watch designed to provide continuous and accurate heart rate monitoring—at performance levels—without a chest strap. Because it can connect via Bluetooth Smart to apps and other devices, it can be a great companion for sporty and dynamic people who want to stay fit during lazy holidays or hectic business trips