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    China 2020: Experience the Future of Chinese Dining Now

      /  RESTAURANTS + BARS   /  China 2020: Experience the Future of Chinese Dining Now

    Bangkok, November 2013: Experience the future of dining in the world’s most populated country now with “China 2020,” an interactive à la carte menu available for one year at Breeze, The Dome at lebua’s awarding-winning Asian restaurant.

    DISCOVERY-Salted Roast Duck With Water Chestnut, Shitake Mushrooms and Chinese Wine (2)As China prospers and grows in sophistication, the trends are all pointing in one direction: towards a greater variety of healthful and medicinal cuisine, better quality ingredients, and a more experiential and experimental attitude to both dining and drinking. The Chinese are increasingly moving away from their parents’ home, and buying their own residences closer to cities and work. They are developing a lifestyle of their own, a new way of living and eating, while remembering the healthy traditional recipes of the past. Dining out will no longer be the same in China, as expectations and budgets increase, not to mention levels of sophistication.

    lebua’s chefs have been watching these trends, and they’ve used their observations to create an entirely new dining and drinking experience, modeled from their predications of the look, taste, and feel of Chinese dining in 2020.

    Each dish, named DISCOVERY, YOUTH, EXCITEMENT, APPEARANCE and BACK IN TIME, takes you on a journey as you embrace the future of dining.

    EXCITEMENT-Omi Beef With Your Lucky Sauce (2)Enjoy both traditional and modern favorites, with an interactive experience that will see guests mixing their own cocktails and cracking open a box to get to their dishes. The fortune cookie is no longer featured in this meal of the future, but that’s not to say luck is thrown out of the picture altogether. Instead, guests will get to choose their ‘lucky’ sauce with the role of the dice, to be served with a succulent piece of Omi beef.

    In line with the increasingly trendy lifestyle of the Chinese, the drink of choice is the cocktail – with a difference. The drinks, FIRE, AROMA, EXPERIMENT, LIFE and SWEETNESS, with names that promise an experience of taste and enjoyment, all add to this culinary adventure which is designed to transport the diner straight into the future.