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    10 Must-Have Items in Every Woman’s Closet

      /  LE Lifestyle   /  Shopping   /  10 Must-Have Items in Every Woman’s Closet

    From diamond stud earrings to red lipstick. From a little black dress to a trench coat. This is the ultimate list of things you had better not do without.

    By Kornkanok Yongsakul

    Even though every woman’s closet changes according to the season and the trends, there are some classic items that you can’t miss if you want to look beautiful and charming no matter where you live or what your age.

    These 10 must-have items are combinable with almost everything in your wardrobe, and they will help you to achieve any look or style, irrespective of the season. We are talking about “evergreens,” so they can be passed down in the family from one generation to the next.

    And remember that no matter what your style is, the point is always to have fun and feel confident in your clothes and accessories!

    Black Jacket
    shutterstock_72992764This is a versatile must-have. You can wear it for a formal business meeting or for a casual night out with friends. The same item can suit different styles: you can go for a very feminine blazer with a tight waist, or for a more alternative masculine-looking cut.
    Pearl Necklace
    A pearl necklace has the power to change any plain, casual outfit into a fashionable and elegant one. It is always better not to wear it with an outfit that is too traditional, or you will risk achieving the opposite effect. Always prefer long pearl necklaces to short ones for a younger look.
    Cashmere Sweater
    You can find a different cashmere sweater for every personality. If you think you are more of a professional type, go for a slim-fit, V-neck, pastel-colored sweater. For a more casual event, you can opt for an oversized model, combined with a classic pair of skinny jeans.
    Pumps are the ultimate pair of shoes for a hot date—there is no better way to make your legs look endless and slim than with a pair of these. But be careful not to overdo it by choosing shoes with excessive patterns on them. Plain colors are always a better choice, and easier to match.
    Little Black Dress
    shutterstock_85959283A girl should always have a little black dress in her closet. With a classic cut, a black dress will always be the most elegant choice. It can fit fancy and professional occasions, as well as those for which there is no clear dress code.
    Pashmina Shawls in Neutral Colors
    When in Thailand, a pashmina is a classical lifesaver when you find yourself in an environment with strong AC. Practical and beautiful, choose it a neutral color, such as camel, so that you can combine it with any outfit.
    Red Lipstick
    shutterstock_150560909Red lipstick has become the must-have makeup in recent years. Following the trend of a vintage-retro style, you should always carry one in your purse. It comes in handy when you don’t have time to work on your eye makeup but you still want to look fabulous.
    Diamond Stud Earrings
    shutterstock_14713498Diamond studs fit with everything. A pair of these is the ultimate classic accessory: traditional, but fashionable. You can wear them all day because they are not heavy, and they will light up your face.
    Button-Down Cardigan
    Just like the cashmere sweater, a button-down cardigan can be oversized or slim fitted depending on your style or the occasion. It’s a warmer substitute for the pashmina shawl, and you should always have a black one in your closet. If it has buttons, avoid combining it with a belt.
    Trench Coat
    liv tyler in burberry at burberry the beat for men launch, v - editedA plain color trench coat is a very feminine item for slightly colder weather than Thailand’s. The options are infinite: short, medium, or long length, with or without a waist belt, in different colors, size and position of the buttons, etc. Even if you wear it open, it will still give you a charming and professional look.