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    ‘I Love the Thai Beaches’

      /  DESTINATIONS   /  ‘I Love the Thai Beaches’

    Amro Mekkawi,
    Executive Assistant Manager,
    Sales And Marketing, Middle East and Gulf countries,
    Windsor Suites Hotel Bangkok

    By Earth Saiswang

    Forty-five year-old Amr Hussein Ragab Mekkawi describes himself as an enthusiastic, self-motivated, and target oriented person who loves to work and enjoy working, lives life to the full, and respects every aspect of life fairly and equally. He may look like the serious Egyptian type, but like most of us Amro definitely knows how to have fun and where to find them.

    For him, a holiday is an escape from all ties and boundaries. “Free as a bird; sky is the limit,” he puts its. “I like to enjoy the beautiful beach and surrender to the beauty of Thai nature — really something like “’Eat, Pray, Love’ while I can.”

    He finds it difficult to name one single destination as his favorite place in Thailand because as he puts it, “every destination has its own charm.” But he recommends beach destinations such Koh Samet and Phuket. “These places offer a breath of the refreshing sea and a very warm sun as everybody knows,” he says. “They are places where I have had a great many happy times and memories, not to mention magnificent food.”

    He first learned about these places from friends and contacts. “They keep talking about how beautiful and magical these places are,” he recalls. “ After looking them up on the Internet, I made me a decision that I have to go to these places in no time and enjoy them while I can. I thought I would regret it a lot if I wouldn’t see and experience them.”

    He first made a visit two years ago, and since then, it became a habit, “especially every time I am seeking inner peace and happiness. And there will be no last visit I assure you. I will always visit and enjoy these places. I can’t tell my friends enough how beautiful these beaches are.”

    What made these places even more attractive for him, of course, is the friendliness of the Thai people; “you will always get help when you ask for it.” Also, he adds, the places are very easy to reach, and above all they are very affordable. “The amount of joy you will experience is priceless,” he says.

    Sometimes, he admits getting a little annoyed by hawkers on these beaches but he understand that this is how they make their living, so he just let it go.

    Whatever, he says, he will surely revisit either Samet or Phuket, if only to enjoy a close to Nature escape. In fact, he says half-jokingly, “Maybe I will go this weekend!”

    Tips to Share to Other Travelers
    Try the beach massages and enjoy cold coconut juice

    The islands around you, not only the beach in front of you

    Sleep at:
    Wherever you feel comfortable

    Eat at:
    Local restaurants (Aroi Mak)

    Drink at:
    Anywhere with friends

    Your swimming suite and anything after not important

    Don´t forget:
    Take as many photos as you can because the memories would bring happiness to you each time you look at them