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    Love Is In The Wear

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    At this time of wedding buzz, the most common fashion-oriented question is: “What’s appropriate to wear?” – a question that is becoming more and more relevant as fashion-tricky theme weddings are becoming so popular.

    By Kornkanok Yongsakul

    It’s summer time, everything is so delightfully blooming – and not just the flowers. So it is not surprising that many couples choose to marry in this cheerfully romantic season. Hearing the wedding bells or receiving a beautiful wedding invitation just makes the lovely season more perfect.

    At this time of wedding buzz, the most common fashion-oriented question is: “What’s appropriate to wear?” And the question is becoming more and more relevant as fashion-tricky theme weddings are becoming so popular.

    It could be a beach, a gala, or a vintage themed wedding. But as a rule, the theme is just a subtle tone in your attire. The happy couple doesn’t want you to show up in a period movie costume; they want the apparels of their guests to discreetly reflect their chosen theme, so that their special day will have a matching special character.

    There are many types of weddings; they depend on tradition and family rules. But here are some of the most common ones, and the basic ideas of what you should wear to them:

    Engagement Party
    Traditionally, an engagement party is thrown by the bride’s parents to announce the exciting news to their nearest and dearest. It is an opportunity for the two families to meet and begin building a beautiful and a lasting relationship.

    Dress Code
    Wear a party dress that you love. In fact, wear a party dress that radiates love, a celebratory look that represents the best of your taste and style.
    giambattista couture engagementChoose a lightweight top or a blouse, with some pretty details such as pleats, ruffles, or beading. Go for silk, lace or chiffon in romantic colors such as peach, vanilla, pink, beige, violet. Pair it with a nice flowing or a flare-shaped skirt. Mix textures: matte with shiny, hard with soft, tailored with relaxed lines. In this way, you will avoid looking dull and sloppy, and will stand out from the crowd.
    Valentino pink lace dress for engagementGo for simple or billowy; aim for elegance that can double for the night. Choose an interesting neckline such as a halter neck, one bias shoulder or something more conservative like a buttoned-up Victorian collar. Remember: nothing too revealing as the party starts already in the morning.
    charlotte olympia metallic heelsSplurge on your shoes. A well-chosen pair will last for many more future parties. Some popular ones are kitten heels, d’Orsay pumps, and peep-toes. Choose a classic color, such as nude and metallic hues, so it will be easy to match it with your outfit.
    Iliva Collings Gold NecklaceOpt for a minimalist style in jewelry, preferably with precious elements such as diamond hoops, pearl necklaces, or gold accent. Wear nothing too heavy or too chunky, as they might fit a period costume, but not your smart attire.
    Hair and Make-up
    Doris twisted bun hairdoThe goal is to look naturally beautiful. This translates into neutral, almost invisible shades in the foundation, eye shadow, and blush. Only a touch of eyeliner will sharpen it up. Hairdo can be braided, natural curls, loosely in ponytails or a soft bun at the back. Also an important reminder is that a neutral pedi-manicure is a must; again not too bright colors.

    Black-Tie wedding
    Black-tie wedding is the ultimate formal occasion. It’s simply impossible to be overdressed for this exclusive event. All those gems sparkling in the candlelight, flowers blossoming, wedding cakes, champagne; this is the time to dress up.

    Dress code
    The key to pull off a black-tie wedding is not spending your lifesavings in an expensive dress. All you need is a great dress, with a perfect fit and a harmonious color that suits your skin tone.
    Lanvin cherry tube dressChoose a dress that flatters your body and brings out an interesting silhouette. It can be made of floaty chiffon, silk, tulle or mesh, perhaps with floral prints. Or then with pretty surface details: small jet beadings, fringes, tassels, laces, embroidery, and motives. This is perhaps the only time you’ll get to wear that lavish brocade dress with a fur-trim or a sumptuous velvet frock with gold accents.

    But again, don’t go overboard. You don’t want to look like Marilyn Monroe or another bombshell crashing into other people’s wedding. This is why colors are so important, so you can tone your elaborate dress down in darker shades of jade green, magenta blue, mauve, or aubergine purple — but never in symbolical black or white.

    Ippolita gold multo stone earringA shopping tip: have the dress with you for the accessories-shopping because matching them is much easier then. If the dress is very embellished, just add small pieces of jewelry such as diamond earrings, chandelier earrings, or cocktail rings. On the other hand if your dress is quite plain and simple, you can add a statement necklace or layers of pearls to make it stand-out.
    jimmy choo metallic pumpThis kind of weddings are usually followed by after parties. So you will need to wear shoes that give the most comfort to stand or dance all night without crying out loud inside. Metallic manageable platforms, sling-backs or strap stilettos. Avoid the blisters by wearing your new shoes around the house for a few days prior to the wedding.
    Valentino Silk Bow Clutch in PinkAn adorable clutch, which is big enough for a lipstick, a credit card and a phone. If you are wearing a simple dress, a sparkling colorful bag adds a perfect accent. If you are wearing a strong color, choose a neutral shade with a bit of beading or an interesting hardware-clasp.
    Hair and Make-up
    Shine through your make-up. A bit of glow on you skin, bronzer on your cheeks, and glittering eye shadow. If your make-up is dark and smoky in the eyes, leave your lips pale in contrast. For your hairstyle, knot it low or high into a polished look. However, these are just basic fashion tips to give you some inspiration. Above all, no matter what you wear, be confident in the wedding party. The most important thing is you being there and witnessing the beautiful moment in the wedding couple’s lives. The night is about them. So live it up and put on your most romantic mood.

    Reminder for some delicate fragile fabric such as pure silk and silk chiffon: these should not be in contact with hardware jewelry because they tangle and ruin your beautiful dress.