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    Banyan Tree Gallery launches its third Elements Jewellery by Banyan Tree in Bangkok

      /  LE Lifestyle   /  Shopping   /  Banyan Tree Gallery launches its third Elements Jewellery by Banyan Tree in Bangkok

    Bangkok, Thailand, August 2013 – Driven by its role as a socially responsible tourism retailer, Banyan Tree Gallery launches its third Elements Jewellery By Banyan Tree in Bangkok.

    Conceptualised, developed and managed by Banyan Tree Gallery, Elements Jewellery is first established in 1994 at Banyan Tree Phuket followed by its second outlet in Mexico at Banyan Tree Mayakoba. True to its brand, Elements Jewellery features an elegant timeless range derived from traditional ethnic art form and natural elements, including fine silver accessories, authentic gemstones and bespoke selections as well as captivating art décor and distinctive accent pieces.

    Elements Jewellery By Banyan Tree in BangkokElements Jewellery By Banyan Tree is located at the lobby of Banyan Tree Bangkok. The cosy outlet measuring 37 square metres is designed with a contemporary motif of black and silver colours to accentuate the exquisite collections.

    Inspired by ethnic intricacy, the wide array of jewellery, gemstones, lace and silk apparel, ethnic scarves and décor pieces on display are mostly commissioned from young Thai artists and traditional artisans from different communities in Thailand and other countries in Asia including China and India. Promoting their crafts to the public not only bring greater awareness of their products and culture but also benefit these communities.

    Each month, the outlet aims to promote and showcase different thematic products from different artisanal communities. This September, the outlet will feature its Ethnic Collection which celebrates the rich Asian heritage and culture. This collection comprises Jade-like Necklaces, Nature’s Splendour Collection and Timeless Chinese Accessories.

    Jade-like Necklaces

    Celadon is ceramic with fine cracks. The beauty of the celadon colour depends mainly on the glaze. Generally, the celadon glaze is made from a mixture of natural materials such as kaolin, calcium carbonate, silica and iron oxide, amongst others. It is then fired at 1,280 degrees for another 10-11 hours.

    The delicate crackled effect is the result of a century-old wood ash glazing technique that originated in China but has been perfected by Thai potters since World War II. The process of making celadon does not involve the use of synthetic materials or commercial dyes. Therefore, the products are free from toxic materials such as lead or cadmium.
    Created with high regard to artistic and cultural values, these exquisite necklaces, assembled using distinctively-designed celadon pieces with a crackled green glaze finish, provide a timeless statement of style.

    Nature’s Splendour Collection

    Electroplating is the process of changing an object’s surface property by covering with a layer of metal such as silver, gold and copper. Organic materials such as leaves, flowers and seeds undergo this process to be preserved into a jewellery or decorative item.

    After preparing selected organic materials, they are wired and covered with a protective coating to seal the surface and avoid absorption of chemical solutions. To strengthen and enable objects to be conductive, they are then lowered into the base metal for 12-14 hours, depending on size and form. The objects are electroplated with a final plating of silver or gold for enhanced strength and quality.

    This method makes it possible to preserve and display the organic materials’ elaborate patterns without being subjected to an intricate process of fabrication.

    Inspired by nature’s beauty, each unique piece is turned into a refined item of wearable art.

    Timeless Chinese Accessories

    Timeless Chinese AccessoriesChinese ceramics are created from clay and hardened by heat. One of the most significant Chinese art forms, Chinese ceramics has deep roots and long reputation in Chinese history, spanning over 2000 years.

    The glazed ceramic jewellery pieces found inspiration from the age-old tradition of Chinese pottery. Sophisticated and stylish, the lock-like shape of these Chinese ornaments is patterned after longevity locks worn by children in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The round symbols, reminiscent of traditional Chinese currency, are said to signify wealth and prosperity.

    These ceramic ornaments depicting Chinese designs and patterns also showcase the craftsmanship of ethnic minority tribes from China.

    The Ethnic Collection is available at Elements Jewellery By Banyan Tree in Bangkok.

    Elements Jewellery By Banyan Tree
    21/100 South Sathorn Road
    Bangkok 10120
    Tel: +66 2 679 1200 ext 1127
    Opening hours: Lobby, 9am to 10pm daily