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    Sofitel So Bangkok Launches “Nature vs. Society” Fashion and Art Exhibition

      /  HOTELS   /  Sofitel So Bangkok Launches “Nature vs. Society” Fashion and Art Exhibition

    The multi-disciplinary fashion and art exhibition will see local and international artists showcase their work throughout Sofitel So Bangkok from 1st August to 31st August 2013.

    International and local fashion designers, both globally established and emerging regional talents, will have the chance to use Sofitel So Bangkok as their canvas for the month-long show, which will highlight conceptual fashion, art, and design ingenuity.

    Nature VS Society“With the ‘Nature vs. Society’ showcase, we hope to bring local and international focus to the diverse fashion, art, and design initiatives within Bangkok. With this showcase, we hope to bring the multi-faceted creators in these fields, and their supporters from all walks of life, together in a spirit of celebration. We gave the artists free reign over how their work is showcased, which will be innovative, with boundaries pushed and presentation methods as varied and imaginative as possible. The goal of the project is to have audiences immersed and at one with the exhibition, as opposed to being a removed third person spectator,” said Mr. Gilles Cretallaz, General Manager of Sofitel So Bangkok.

    Execution of the “Nature vs. Society” exhibition theme is completely open to re-interpretation by the respective artists based on their personal, hypothetical, imagined, or circumstantial experiences.
    Designers taking part in the event include Tawn C., uprising talented Thai designer, Christine Gauthier with a “Waterlily” display, Cambodia-based Filipino designer Don Protasio nomadic-inspirations, Eric Raisina’s “Haute Texture” showcase and the fashion showcase of the Staff uniforms at Sofitel So Bangkok’s Club Signature designed by Mr. Christian Lacroix.
    A specially curated “art tour” and corresponding booklet will provide visitors and hotel guests information on the art installations displayed throughout the Street Lobby hotel entrance (Ground Floor), Red Oven Water Pond (7th Floor), Park Lobby (9th Floor), Metal Element Atrium (14th Floor) and Club Signature (25th Floor). For more information, please call 02-624-0000 or visit