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    Lifestyle Curators for Thailand + Southeast Asia

    Chiang Mai: My Perfect Getaway

      /  DESTINATIONS   /  Chiang Mai: My Perfect Getaway

    By Earth Saiswang

    Viranat Silananda
    General Manager
    Amari Atrium Bangkok

    DSC_0886Viranat Silananda says an ideal holiday destination is one where you relax, breathe a sigh of relief, and escape from the nagging routine of daily life. “It’s a place where you can enjoy together with your family and make little wishes come true,” says the 44-year-old general manager of Amari Atrium Bangkok. In Thailand, the place that fits his criteria is Chiang Mai. “It’s my perfect getaway, a cultural and natural wonderland with ethnic diversity; a place with multitude of attractions and welcoming hospitality,” explains the GM who describes himself as a ‘modernist with a clear vision and structure for the future.’ “Most of all, I like the latter: genuine hospitality style of local people,” he adds.

    While Viranat is Thai, he hasn’t been to Chiang Mai more than five times. That was after he first came to Thailand five years ago. But he definitely loved it.

    “Chiang Mai impressed me with its indigenous cultural identity, which includes diverse dialects, delectable cuisine, distinctive architecture, traditional values, lively festivals, numerous handicraft workshops, Northern style massage, and classical dances,” he adds.

    He was just there recently – during the recent Thai “winter” — but Viranat can’t wait to return to Chiang Mai and is already planning to return there with his family for the next long holiday.

    Tips to share fellow travelers going to Chiang Mai

    Fulfill your life by trying to become a mahout for a day and learning about the life of elephants: how they communicate, how they develop social bonds, as well as how they live and play.
    Walking Street Market, also known as “Sunday Market.”
    Eat at
    Chiangmai’s open markets (also called “Kaad-Kom”). You will see a sizeable market with gigantic, well-lit signs in English. Many familiar food chains with local flair surrounds the place. Foreign tourists are definitely welcomed here.
    Drink at
    Try some fresh drinks at Amari Angkhang Nature Resort. Its mountain location and the scenic beauty of the surrounding countryside make it an ideal escape for nature lovers.
    Casual clothes with lover sunglasses.
    Don’t forget
    Get around in the city by the red cars, also known as ‘rot daeng’ or ‘song thaew’ (meaning ‘two rows’).
    Rent a motorbike. It’s so convenient to get about easily, and will help you experience every inch of Chiang Mai!