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    Thai for the Epicurean

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    At Amanpuri’s The Terrace Restaurant, Chef Naree tantalizes even the most discerning lover of refined Thai cuisine.

    RS1283_Amanpuri - The TerraceMention “Amanpuri” and the mind starts imagining a place that transcends the extraordinary. Everything in this ultimate holiday retreat, a resort that is in a league all its own, is a delight to be cherished, an adventure to be enjoyed, an experience to be treasured. That includes dining at The Terrace, the resort’s all -day dining venue specializing in Thai (and European) cuisine.

    Amanpuri has three restaurants, all of which characteristically deserve the praise they regularly receive from guests, but to complete your exotic Thai holiday experience, there’s no better dining venue to try the local fare than The Terrace. Headed by Executive Chef Naree Wartono, who has been in charge of Amanpuri’s Thai kitchen since 2006, The Terrace team serves Thai food fit for the royal court. Chef Naree combines her Asian background and innate expertise with grounding in international epicurean tastes to tantalize even the most discerning lover of Thai cuisine.

    khun nareeBangkok-born Naree started her career at Shangri-La Bangkok before moving to Sukhothai Hotel where she was part of the pre-opening team. Then she moved to Montreaux, Switzerland, where she worked in an upscale Thai restaurant for six years before moving on to San Francisco (USA) for a year of culinary experience. When she returned to Thailand in 2006, she joined Amanpuri.

    Her Seafood Menu (Bt1,800) sure is impressive. One must try this amazing array of courses that seamlessly combine traditional Thai tastes – sweet, sour, hot, and salty – with international epicurean flavors and finesse.

    It starts with Goong Sarong, an amazing display of creativity, elevating the humble shrimp into a status of nobility fit for a dish with exotic and exquisite flavors. Just taste the delicate shrimp meat in sweet chili dip as they waltz with the more solid texture of Phuket noodles wrapping them.

    For your soup, try the Tom Kha Poo. This dish humbles the delicious staple Tom Kha Gai: not just because of the thick coconut milk and crabmeat but more so because of the mixture of Thai herbs. It is culinary love-making with the palate and nostrils.

    pad khana plamuck

    Next the Yaam Talay (seafood salad), which is an easy favorite of many guests. This salad is mixed from lightly poached seafood with chili paste, lime. and lemongrass. As in the best of Thai dishes, the complexity of flavors create a sensory sensation you don’t expect from such a seemingly simple dish.

    But that’s not all: the fish dish (Choo Chee Plaa) could have been from a gourmet wish list: crispy fried from the wok and dressed with dried red curry gravy, kaffir lime leaf and coconut cream; It is absolutely smashing. And then, for the vegetable dish: stir-fried Chinese broccoli with calamari in oyster sauce (Paad Kana Pla Muek). The unique taste of the squid with oyster sauce matches perfectly with the broccoli. Needless to say, these are all best eaten with rice (either jasmine or organic brown rice). A choice of desserts, which you can order a la carte, and coffee or tea, caps the pleasurable meal.

    yaam thaleeIn fact, the menu is a comprehensive list of Thai dishes. They range from appetizers that while appealing to Western tastes are still distinctively Thai, including fresh spring roll with pan-seared salmon, seaweeds, avocados and greens; and the sour and fragrant“nahm jim” to Thai favorite such as Tom Yam Goong and Phad Thai (but with that distinctive Chef Naree touch, as well, the harmonious set menus.

    Indeed, what sets The Terracae apart from other restaurants in the kingdom is its total commitment to the refinement of flavors, embraced not only in this restaurant but in all the Amanpuri restaurants. No wonder, this high-end resort and home of The Terrace restaurant is called “Place of Peace.”

    Kudos to Chef Naree for implementing a new dining adventure for the discerning epicurean appetites of Amanpuri guests!

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