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    Mixx-ing It Up

      /  RESTAURANTS + BARS   /  Mixx-ing It Up

    By Percy Roxas.

    Disco is a word that conjures retro images: of John Travolta and Donna Summers, and maybe all those heady times of wild fun and total abandon with great music and non-stop dancing. For some people, disco is long gone. For others, they never really went away. They just acquired a different tact — and in tune with the times, became more hip and sophisticated. Take this exclusive nightclub at the basement level of the President Tower at InterContinental Hotel called Mixx Discotheque. The disco appellation might trigger a sepia flashback of sorts but Mixx is a thoroughly contemporary nightclub for sophisticated modern urbanites.

    For two years now, this club has been attracting cosmopolitan locals, expats, and tourists who enjoy a refined, classy club ambiance that do not in any way compromise fun. It continues the tradition of Bangkok as the hub of exciting nightlife, of fun that is at the very core of urban living. It’s for those of us, thanks Buddha, who believe that “working hard and playing hard” is more than just a catchy slogan but a way of life.

    Indeed, Mixx’s location in the heart of the city’s tourist, shopping, entertainment and commercial belt makes it a perfect place for those looking to enjoy the night. Fridays and Saturdays are packed, even with the Bt300 cover charge.

    No tank tops, shorts, or sandals here – in keeping with the five-star character of the place, but there’s nothing to shortchange the fun-seeker. The interiors –with a dominant royal maroon scheme – are elegant and classy. But that’s not all.

    As in other bars and clubs, special promotions are a-plenty, ranging from special parties that now happen almost every second Saturday to the “Buy 1, Take 1” promotions (on Sundays -Tuesdays and Thursdays). Drinks are priced reasonably, starting from Bt220 to Bt300 per standard drink.

    I recently went to Mixx to reconnect with fellow nightowls. In all honesty, Mixx wasn’t a stranger to me, having been to the original one in Pattaya. I was expecting the same electric atmosphere, the same frantic energy, and the same “be yourself” vibe that made it a byword to barhoppers in the popular beach resort. I got more.

    I was expecting action to start late; the club opens at 10 p.m. and usually stays open until 5 a.m. in the morning. But as soon as the doors swung open, a crowd started flowing in, and it was a weekday. Finding my comfy space, I ordered a Heineken and started quenching my parch. Soon, about a hundred well-dressed people were finding their own corners, and by midnight, Mixx had become almost an exciting bedlam, if I can use the word in a positive way.

    Mate Vundac manager“It’s like having fun in your own living room,” Mate Vundac, the affable 29-year-old German general manager says. “That’s why we have lots of loyal guests coming here regularly. It’s a place where one can enjoy night to fullest with a similar-minded crowd. It’s a place where everybody can have fun!” Mate, who seems to be a stand-up kind of guy, actually started with Mixx Pattaya five years ago although he went back home for a year to complete his university education. Now, he says he’s doing what he loves best at Mixx Bangkok. “To be fair, every night venue has its own concept,” he adds. “But I can honestly say that we have better music, better DJs, and our service is topnotch. We make you feel comfortable here.”

    As I let my eyes roam around the club, I can almost feel everybody enjoying themselves — with the small talks and the banters, the jokes and the giggles, the clank of vodka glasses, and the seemingly non-stop arrival of chasers in tables to complement the bottles of Johnnie Walkers and Grey Gooses. As soon as music started, some pretty girls begin to dance, making me realize that I chose a section of the club that focuses on trance. (The club actually has two sections: one playing hip hop and R & B, and the other sticking to house – is provided by some of the top DJs both here and abroad.)

    It also made me realize that it was a Wednesday, a very special night at Mixx; it was Ladies’ Night when women get in free plus three free drinks besides, although us men pay the weekend cover charge of Bt350. As I trade my Heineken for a stronger spirit, I know I will be staying longer than usual tonight. Maybe until 6 a.m.? I haven’t done that in a long, long time!

    Contact Details:
    Mixx Discotheque
    Basement Level, President Tower (InterContinental Hotel)
    973 Chidlom Rd (BTS: Chidlom)
    Tel: 02- 656-0382