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    Siam Center’s groundbreaking fashion event showcased the emerging fashion vision of the country’s hottest fashion designers – both established and upcoming

    By Percy Roxas

    06 AB-Normal copySiam Center continues to delight fashionistas and style enthusiasts of all ages with its groundbreaking events and activities. Just recently the trendsetting “ideaopolis” organized what it dubbed as the fashion event of the year: “Siam Center Fashion Visionary,” featuring very special fashion collections under the “Fashion Weekend” concept. The event gave the public a glimpse of what’s new and what’s to come in the world of Bangkok fashion as seen from the eyes of today’s hottest designers – both established and upcoming, related industry insiders, and fashionistas from different persuasions and temperaments.

    The show featured names and brands who have headlined some of the most talk-about fashion shows in the city in recent years, including: Friday27Nov Delighting by Canon, AB-Normal, Painkiller Archetype, Wonder Anatomie, Singha presents Fash by Srinakharinwirot University, and Synthesis by The Selected x The Wonder Room. Not surprisingly, iconic consumer brands such as Canon Marketing (Thailand), Comfort Care Wash by Unilever Thai Trading Co., Singha Corporation, Lola Cosmetics, Samsung Galaxy, and Chalachol Academy sponsored the fashion showcases.

    “‘Siam Center Fashion Visionary’ actually celebrates the third floor of Siam Center, which embodies our unique identity of being a center for leading Thai designers; an identity that have been kept intact despite several renovations,” said Mayuree Chaipromprasith, senior executive vice president of Siam Piwat Co., Ltd. “Siam Center has been contributing immensely in the development of the Thai fashion industry through the years. We want to help propel Thai fashion further into a truly world-class status as recognized in the international stage. We want to create an unrivalled channel for Thai designers to express their imagination, spirit, and cutting-edge vision.”

    13 Fri27Nov. copyThe series of fashion shows opened with Friday 27 Nov. by Chanachai Jareeyathana. Billed as “Friday 27 Nov. delighting by Canon,” the show had models sashaying down the runway wearing clothes made under the concept “Summer Time Sadness.” Simply put, the concept was based on the idea that people go to the beach whether they are happy or sad. The designer played with the idea of sadness and loneliness in summer, and expressed it with the use of different materials. It was amazing to see how materials such as cotton, silk, and organza — used with creative cutouts, embroidery, and print techniques on simple silhouettes on a palette of white, beige, and navy blue – can effectively convey the idea. The clothes were characterized by vibrant summer shades that have become the brand’s signature style.

    Another interesting collection was mounted by The Selected and The Wonder Room – the latest multi-brand store and concept store managed by Charnchai C. Wongthanakorn, a joint effort that displayed the trend-setting talents and versatility by both the hottest newcomers and major established talents handpicked by Siam Piwat. The first showcase, called “Synthesis” by The Selected x The Wonder Room, was awesomely inspiring to say the least. Models did their thing on a platform revolving around a prism of colors enhancing the telling of a modern fashion story in an arresting style.

    AB-Normal, a brand that suggests edgy simplicity in street wear, was another awesome work. Inspired by sculpture, and billed as “Wear White,” it was a testament to designer Thaweesak Samanmit’s talent in interpreting solid, strong sculptural lines and giving them a feeling of tenderness. Using techniques that involves lines and polka dots, achieved through tucking and studs, the collection came in an organic palette: the colors of soil, stone, cement, and sand, with white serving as a basic staple alongside beige, grey, and black – the clothes are obviously geared for those who want their unique character standing out. But the silhouettes, albeit smart, remained simple — which is AB-Normal’s signature, the “Simple Chic” style.

    07 PAINKILLER copyPainkiller Archetype designer Siriorn Teankaprasith’s new summer collection, “King of The Jungle,” was next on stage, praised by many as a work full of “artistic sophistication.” Inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book,” the collection embraced “The Jungle Mix” style. The designer combined various prints to create its desired effect. From floral to animal, to metallic shades within a palette of green and brown on various textures of fabrics – that drew ooohs and aaahs.

    True to its goal of giving more exposure to aspiring young designers who want to showcase their creative work, “Siam Center Fashion Visionary” reserved a special showcase for them. “Singha presents Fash by Srinakharinwirot University” featured talented young fashion designers under the theme, “Fash Heritage.” The designers reinterpreted the gems of ancient Thai wisdom into wearable contemporary fashion. An interesting segment of the show was the display of accessories and jewelry inspired by the diverse culture of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). This segment aptly displayed the range and diversity of the ASEAN countries.

    01 Singha presents FASH side AThe fashion showcase closed with a rookie, Chalermkiat Khatikasemlert (Wonder Anatomie), whose fresh, novel take on fashion has wowed and won so many hearts of many fashionistas. The collection, titled “Wonder Day in The Museum,” drew from the child-like wonder and experience we get from visiting museums, and combined them with key inspiration from human anatomy and other living components. His print techniques and the use of embroidery to create 3D illusion on a 2D object is nothing short of astounding.

    Apart from the latest designs, the fashion event also featured various activities on the 3rd floor of Siam Center. “Break The Closet,” a new promotion offering up to 50% discount for buyers of the latest collection by Thai designers, was launched. The “Snap and Shared” promotion allowed buyers to transform themselves into models. A stylist and leading photographer are on standby at a photo booth to take photographs of buyers and print the photos in an instant.

    Of course, no Bangkok event is complete without a party and so after the fashion shows, Siam Center threw a big party with some of the country’s hottest bands entertaining visitors. Hosts such as Apasiri Nitipon and Punika Yokakul – not to mention super stylist Araya Indra – made sure the public had the fun of their life all-day and all-night.

    Indeed, “Siam Center Fashion Visionary” was a more than just a groundbreaking fashion event to beat in Bangkok – and we’re looking forward to seeing more of it!