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    Beach Reads
    Some interesting books for your reading time during your Thailand holiday:

    Tropical Arts and Crafts: The Houses of Guz Wilkinson
    9781877015298_C0_SBy Patrick Bingham-Hall

    Synopsis: Embracing the landscape and climate of Singapore, the houses of Guz Wilkinson revel in their settings, and reveal a passionate and inventive architectural imagination, liberated by the possibilities of designing in the tropics. Wilkinson perceives the landscape of Singapore for the lush fertile rainforest that it is: a vast Henri Rousseau painting in which he can build. In his houses, the boundaries between inside and outside are blurred, a reciprocal relationship with the landscape is established, and a tropical ideal has been created. The architecture is always expressive and each of Wilkinson’s houses is defined by a set of formal gestures that are both playful and practical: a tactile indulgence is always underpinned by a commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment. Landscaping, planting and the use of water are crucial to these houses, which draw upon the whimsy and decorative detailing of Arts and Crafts architecture, and the spatial freedom of such architects as Schindler and Wright. This monograph feature twenty-one of Wilkinson’s houses, built over the last decade. Each project is illustrated by extensive color photography, and is documented with formal drawings, concept sketches and project descriptions. An introductory essay examines the architecture in the context of 21st century Singapore, and documents Wilkinson’s background, influences and design philosophy.
    Price: Bt1,075 (US$36.51) // Available in Asia Books

    The Iconic Interior: 1900 TO THE PRESENT
    9780500516331_C0_SBy Dominic Bradbury

    Synopsis: This substantial book features one hundred of the most spectacular interiors across the world, spanning the entire 20th century to the present day. It includes interiors assembled by artists and fashion designers, architects, interior and set-designers, bringing together diverse design talents from Piero Fornasetti and Coco Chanel to Alvar Aalto, Marc Newson and Matthew Williamson. Twenty short profiles are presented in the introduction, with a single iconic photograph and a concise, informative text; eighty are profiled at length, in chronological order, with superb colour photography and texts recounting the stories of these remarkable designs. Representing every style from minimalism, “Art Nouveau” and Neo-traditional to Gesamtkunstwerk creations that defy definition, these iconic interiors are elegant compositions that endure as lasting creations.
    Price: Bt.1,665 (US$56.54) // Available in Asia Books

    Houses Design Source
    9780061374708_sBY Loft Publications

    Synopsis: Filled cover-to-cover with gorgeous full-color photographs of inspirational home ideas from around the world, Houses DesignSource showcases myriad examples of wonderful design solutions. This beautiful volume considers the many factors, which impact the design of a home, including location, climate, and space. Also featured are green homes, prefab houses, renovated residences, and more. Houses DesignSource is an astounding source of ideas for architects, as well as homeowners wishing to create or enhance their daily environments.
    Price: Bt.521 (US$17.69) // Available in Asia Books

    Salento Style
    BY Fiorella Congedo

    9788896483091_sSynopsis: Salento is located in the southeastern extremity of Italy – located in the ‘heel’ of the Italian ‘boot’. This book captures, in glorious photographs, the incredible interior design style of the region. Slowly becoming internationally recognized – just as ‘Tuscan Style’ before it – Salento Style encompasses an eclectic mix of fashions: at once simple, but sophisticated, rural and aristocratic, antique and contemporary.
    Price: Bt.1,087 (US$36.91) // Available in Asia Books

    Travel Gear
    Check out these functional, stylish travel gear that makes you look cool

    Ultimate6 M Classic
    ultimate6_cl_f3106mA must for any bike tour, this further developed Ultimate6 M Classic is made from waterproof polyester fabric and is THE basic piece for every touring biker. The lockable reinforced lid with magnetic closure and the lockable ORTLIEB mounting set ensure stability and safety. Once fixed to the handlebar both lid and bag can be secured single-handedly. Wallet, ID and keys are stored safely inside the zippered valuables compartment or key snap-hook. Also has removable shoulder strap.
    Price: Bt4,150
    Toursafe 25
    Toursafe_25_STThe convenient wheeled durable duffel is roomy, spacious and ideal for 1-3 week long single or multi-destination trips. The book-style zippered opening allows easy access to your wardrobe, while the eXomesh® technology stands up to the not-so-delicate (and occasionally dishonest) baggage handlers by protecting items from falling out while in transit. Anti-theft features include eXomesh® slashguards and puncture resistant ToughZip™ (main compartment only)
    Price: Bt12,500
    Packman Pro 2
    packmanpro2_R3202Whether you are hiking or biking, the robust daypack Packman Pro2 is your best choice. With its padded harness system and waist strap, it offers adjustability and excellent ventilation in combination with carrying comfort and perfect fit. The stowaway helmet flap requires little space inside a concealed front pocket. The waterproof Packman Pro2 further features a roll closure with compression straps for packing and compressed volume. Other features include an integrated pocket for an optional hydration system (not included), and two lateral reflectors for visibility at night and in bad weather condition.
    Price: Bt5,850
    Back-Roller Plus
    back-roller_pl_f513Extremely light rear pannier in cordura fabric with roll closure and QL2 mounting system. Thanks to the hermetical closure, the Back-Rollers allow- if need be-crossings of rivers and creeks, because bridges are often not there where you need them. But also for normal bike tours or in daily life for shopping, this spacious classic bag is the one to go with. With the shoulder strap, the Back-Roller can be converted into a shoulder bag in seconds. The panniers can be combined with the ORTLIEB Rack-Pack size S or M on the rear rack so that tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mattress are also packed waterproof.
    Price: Bt7,450
    Back-Roller CL Design 'Dot' Sonnengelb
    back-roller-cl design dot - sonnengelb orange_F5408It brings more color into your life, daily shopping and work trips. The trendy rear panniers are made of PD620 and PS490 and feature a waterproof roll closure and QL1 mounting system. The Back-Roller panniers may be combined with the ORTLIEB Rack-Pack. With the ORTLIEB Travel-Biker or Trunk-Bag they also form a functional combination on the rear bike rack.
    Price: Bt6,050
    Venture Safe 150 GII
    VentureSafe150 GII_sunsetFlexible, versatile, and hands-free convenience that goes on your back, as a comfy slingpack or on the front for extra security. The new RFIDsafe™ blocking pocket provides that extra peace of mind while that extra-added space gives you plenty of room for all your travel essentials. Also have anti-theft features.
    Price: Bt2,800

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