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    For Late-night Diners

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    Angel City could just become a must-visit people watching spot in Bangkok as well as a decent place to refuel on comforting favorites.

    by Paul Cypert

    Diners suit Bangkok. The casualness, with its all person’s welcome atmosphere, is right in line to how most nights in the city come together. You never know when you’ll need a solid plate of food to soak up a booze-filled night, so the greasy comfort food served up at most diners make as much sense at 5 in the morning as it does at 5 p.m. And since Bangkok’s newest diner is located on Sukhumvit Soi 11 next to many popular nightlife venues, Angel City seems well-positioned to become a new late night dining must know.

    4-2Managed by The Eclipse group, who already have Sukhumvit 11 veterans Australia Pub and QBar, Angel City has a pretty good pedigree behind them out of the gate. While none of the Eclipse locations will soon be winning Michelin stars to Bangkok, they know how to throw down some comforting pub food.

    The outside is a bit garish on first approach, but then again classic diners were a bit loud in their day so you can’t fault them on authenticity. Stepping inside the diner things are a bit more tactfully decorated (if still a bit loud). There are alternating color booths with long tables and jukebox controllers on the wall where you can throw your baht in to help deciding what vintage oldies come out of the speaker system. The floors are a checkerboard of white and black and there’s the obligatory long soda-fountain counter as a center point of the entire room.

    4-3The food is standard pub food with an emphasis on overindulgence. Giant burgers, foot long chilli dogs, and massive English breakfast plates of fried everything. There are also some menu items with a twist like the PB&J French toast and iceberg lettuce wedge salad. Excepting a few Thai menu items and the previously mentioned salad, all dishes are sure bets to content your cravings for calories.

    Desserts, in the way of milkshakes, are a definite must-try here. They have all the standard flavors (vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate) and then some more creative ones and even an epically sized Root Beer Float. It’s rare to find a proper milkshake in Bangkok and this is the best we’ve seen so far.

    Angel City probably won’t win any awards for its cuisine, but we’re betting MANY people stumble their way in for pre night out burger or a post Suk 11 boozed up breakfast in the years to come. If anything we’ll be back late night just to see the random types of people we’re betting assemble here in various states of disarray. In all seriousness we say that it could just become a must visit people watching spot in Bangkok as well as a decent place to refuel on comforting favorites.

    Contact Details:
    Angel City Diner
    Sukhumvit Soi 11
    (BTS Nana, on the Ground Floor of The Prime)
    Tel: 02-651-3313