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    Travel Gear – February 2013

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    Functional, stylish travel gear are so easy to get these days, especially in cities like Bangkok, so get these cool stuff now:

    Today’s cameras are getting better and better. And while the best photography still rests in the hands of their handlers – those of us who are into passionately taking pictures and lovers of advanced technology can only be glad about the amazing non-stop evolution of the modern camera. Take the new Nikon 1 J-series camera, which are refined for high-speed performance — and in the world’s smallest body. The new Nikon 1 series boasts “intuitive operation” that makes for an even more enjoyable experience.

    The two new Nikon 1 advanced cameras just released propose new forms of imaging expression. The first is Nikon 1 J3, which represents a new branch in the J-series lineup and offers even faster performance in the world’s smallest body. The second is Nikon 1 S1, which establishes a new line of Nikon 1 cameras with intuitive operation that makes using a digital camera with interchangeable lenses even more enjoyable.

    The Nikon 1 J3 is even faster than previous models, supporting high-speed continuous shooting at approximately 15 fps with AF tracking, all in the world’s smallest body. Also added is the Slow View function, which enables capture of just the perfect moment, as well as Live Image Control, which allows users to preview the effects of settings in the camera monitor prior to shooting. In addition, the Smart Photo Selector and Motion Snapshot functions have been improved and the camera is equipped with Advanced Movie mode, which enables adjustment of settings (in P, S, A, and M exposure modes) for movie recording. What’s more, the minimalistic design using metal on the front surface of the camera is available in five color options for a more elegant and precise exterior finish.

    The Nikon 1 S1 offers the same high-speed performance and a variety of functions that enable capture of the perfect moment as the other Nikon 1 cameras do. It is also equipped with a new GUI for even simpler, more intuitive operation. It is available in five colors, including khaki, to suit a wide variety of personalities and preferences.

    Both the Nikon 1 J3 and Nikon 1 S1 both support the Wireless Mobile Adapter WU-1b (sold separately), enabling users to not only transfer high-quality images captured with the camera to a smart device over a wireless connection, but also to use the display on a smart device in place of the camera monitor for remote shooting. And hey, in addition, a waterproof case compatible with these cameras will also be released soon. What does this mean? Greatly expanded photographic possibilities for those shooting underwater. — By Percy Roxas