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    FREE Chakra Balancing Healing Session!

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    This month, Omroom is excited to be hosting Vicki Weber’s famous Chakra Balancing and Clearing Meditation every other Tuesday 7pm. While her talent extends from Pain Relief, Cellular Detox, Slimming consultation, Physiotherapy to Energy Therapy Vicki will be offering a very special sampler of her Chakra Balancing Healing Treatment! Curious to learn more, visit!

    Quantum Chakra Balancing
    Healing Treatment


    Let Vicki Weber use her very modern approach of healing using nano crystal discs. The discs are resting on your chakra points for 20 minutes followed by gentle healing touches and aura balancing. You will be given a 50 minute experience of energy healing while you lie-down and rest. Get a taste of the profound restorative state you can experience and receive a special promotional package for your future tune up! Discover the potential of optimized vitality, we all deserve it.

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