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    Filippo Cassabgi,
    Market Development Manager, Asia-Pacific,
    Sanpellegrino Nestle Waters.

    It is Filippo’s mission is to spread the good word among Asia’s increasing number of fine dining restaurants and discriminating Asian diners.

    By John Howe.

    Filippo Cassabgi has just one mission, and that is to introduce Asia to the exceptional Italian sparkling mineral water, S. Pellegrino. Wellknown in Europe as the connoisseur’s water of choice, S. Pellegrino is making great headway into Asia. This is thanks to the drive and energy of Italian Filippo, a graduate of the London School of Economics, whose first job in marketing and sales was as an account executive with Britain’s prime food and beverage retailer Marks and Spencer.

    After three years in this high-powered job he returned to Italy and was soon head-hunted by the Pasqua wine group. His wine expertise was enhanced by further study in all aspects of winemaking and tasting.

    He is now market development manager for Sanpellegrino Nestlè Waters for Asia-Pacific, a market that includes Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. It is obvious that he relishes the opportunity to spread the word about the quality of S. Pellegrino water, which he considers has the Italian joie de vivre encapsulated in every bubble.

    S.Pellegrino, Filippo says, is a fine dining and premium water, a concert of Italian lifestyle, a familiar family friend to every discerning Italian and when on the table the passion of the aqua vita bursts from the subtle green bottle.

    San Pellegrino springs have been known since the 13th century when northern Italians would make pilgrimages to drink the waters and restore their wellbeing. Even Leonardo da Vinci made the long trip from Florence to Lombardy to study the geology of the area. His original map is now in the collection of HM Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle.

    The water has been bottled at source near the village of Val Brembana for 120 years. Taking 30 years to percolate to the surface and collecting 14 natural minerals on its inestimable journey through time, its light carbonation originates from a natural mine that gives the water its distinctive taste.A taste that has been lauded by bon vivants and gourmets down the ages as being an essential enhancement to the flavours of all cuisines. It is no accident that S.Pellegrino is the first choice of top chefs and sommeliers worldwide.

    S.Pellegrino and its sister beverage AcquaPanna has been available in Asia for 15 years, and S.Pellegrino is growing in recognition and appreciation throughout Southeast Asia. It is Filippo’s mission is to spread the good word among Asia’s increasing number of fine dining restaurants and discriminating Asian diners who enjoy good food and company.

    S.Pellegrino is committed to the concept of the finest of fine dining experiences as manifested by its main sponsorship of the “50 Best Restaurants” awards held in London every April. Now S. Pellegrino is continuing its obligation to the gourmet world by sponsoring Asia’s first }50 best Restaurant” awards, the inaugural event to be held at Marina Sands Resort in Singapore on Feb. 25.

    Meeting Filippo at the excellent Indus Restaurant, Sukhumvit 26, recently, I asked him to describe the selection process. Filippo said the “World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards” are so successful that the model fitted the expanding Asian fine dining market like a glove. The list of 50 is created by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy an influential group of over 900 leaders in the restaurant world. The “Asian 50 Best Restaurants” will be judged by a panel of top notch chefs, restaurateurs, food critics and highly respected food experts.

    Each panelist has seven votes and must cast at least three to restaurants outside their immediate area. The categories include “Lifetime Achievement,” “Best Female Chef,” “Chef’s Choice,” “Individual Country,” “Best Restaurant in Asia,” and the “One to Watch” awards.

    In addition to the awards there will be “Asia’s Best Dinner” on the Feb. 24. The fare will be prepared by four Asia-based guest chefs. Another exciting branch of the award ceremony are two halfday workshops given by prominent chefs who will share their gastronomic treats and will share the culture and secrets of great Asian cuisine.

    If you want to follow the ceremony and discover the results then they will be available live on

    As Filippo says the inauguration of “Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants “promises to be an exciting start to recognize Asia’s finest dining experiences.