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    Pizza, Sandwiches, and More

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    diPizza indeed is a great option for pizza (and Italian cuisine in general) in Thonglor

    Penny’s balcony in Thonglor is full of wonderful establishments, including House of Beers (HOBS), Mellow Restaurant and Bar and of course Di Vino wine bar. The owner of Di Vino felt the complex was missing authentic Italian food which prompted him to open a pizzeria which he calls Di Pizza. Initially the concept was to be a place that only served pizza, but as time passed the owners realized that their customers (half of them were foreigners) only considered pizza enough for a daytime meal but for dinner there were requests for pasta and other dishes as well. Making sure that they cater to customer’s satisfaction, the owners and managers decided to expand their menus to include not only pastas, but salads, soups and bruchettas as well.

    On to the details of the menu; the most popular pizza is the Pizza Di Pizza, made with cherry tomatoes, broccocini, basil, rocket, and fresh mascarpone. The cheese melts in your mouth and adds rich flavor to an otherwise very simple dish. Another popular pizza is the Pizza Thong Lo, made with mozzarella and brie (two types of cheese that complement each other very well), porcini mushrooms, rocket, and truffle oil. The ingredients here are all imported yet very fresh, making all dishes absolutely delicious. For pasta the Spaghetti Rock Lobster is wonderful and can be made spicy for those of you who like it hot. Then of course there are the standard choices of Penne Arrabiata and Spachetti with Garlic and Cheese. Other dishes include a rack of lamb, sirloin beef and Italian sausages. Dessert here is homemade ice cream, with a variety of flavors from your typical chocolate and vanilla to passion fruit and pistachio; all very creamy and yummy.

    The décor of this tiny restaurant is simple yet inviting. There are wine glasses and bottles on the walls, with Di Pizza tags on the bottles for purchase. There are wines from all over the world but 90% of the grapes are Italian. The menus are laminated and conveniently used as placemats. There are about ten tables total (a few outdoors but majority inside) and it seats 38 people. This would be a great place to throw a wine and cheese party considering they have a “Cheese Room” where they do tastings. In this room there is also have a mini store where they sell imported products from Italy including truffle oil, jams, honey, tuna and olives to name a few. They even sell readymade pasta with truffle and/or pesto already in the packaging so when you boil the pasta all you need to do is add some olive oil and you’ll get the taste of fresh truffle and/or pesto (depending on which package you buy)!

    Open seven days a week, Di Pizza is a great option for pizza (and Italian cuisine in general) in Thonglor! There is a great set lunch menu of 290THB++ inclusive of a salad, pizza/pasta/sandwich, and a tea/coffee, which is very popular with the Japanese housewives. Between lunch and dinner from Monday through Friday they are closed from 2pm-5pm but open again for dinner until midnight. Last order is 11:15pm so when you’re hungry late at night you know where to go. Also, if you don’t feel like going in to the store don’t worry they are soon starting delivery with Food by Phone and Chef XP – there are many options to experience Di Pizza, choose one so you don’t miss out!

    Contact Details:
    diPizza Bangkok
    Penny’s Balcony, Thonglor 16, Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok
    Tel: 02-392-3518