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    My favorite place – Koh Phangan

      /  DESTINATIONS   /  My favorite place – Koh Phangan

    By Earth Saiswang

    Patcharee Bunma
    Director of Sales and Marketing of Aloft Bangkok- Sukhumvit 11

    Patcharee Bunma sees herself as an optimistic, inquisitive, and self-motivated person. “I have lots of interests in so many different areas of life,” she says, “and I believe that life is a great big adventure, with so much to discover and learn in every day of our lives. This has led to my passion for traveling, working in different countries, and exploring new places and cultures.”

    She loves nice, quiet, beautiful beaches or islands somewhere, and the splendid colors of nature: the cobalt seas, the turquoise lagoons, and the fiery orange sunsets. And that’s why she loves Koh Phangan, an island under the jurisdiction of Surathani province.

    “I love it, not for the famous Full Moon Party, but for the real beauty of nature unspoiled,” she says.

    “Phangan has so much to offer, from a simply lazy day on one of the many beaches to lots of fun activities like trekking in the jungle, swim in waterfalls, so suit surfing, elephant riding, snorkeling, diving or ever learn Thai boxing.” She has been there three times already; the first being in 2008, but still can’t get enough of its beauty.”

    She said she would definitely visit Koh Phangan again, with her sister and friends, “When I can take proper time off (a week at least). Probably should be around the best time to visit the island, which is between February and August.”

    She thinks Phangan deserves an airport – you have to either fly to Surat Thani or Samui Airport then connect ferry or speed boat to reach the island these days – but added it’s not that bad really, “because you can enjoy some sun while sitting on the desk of the ferry.”


    Must-Do: Beach hopping, there are many different beaches around the island which can be reached by less developed land routes or more fun by sea.

    Don’t-Do: If you dive, don’t touch the coral.

    Must-See: Sail rock, best spot for divers

    Sleep at: Rasananda Resort

    Eat at: Any beach side restaurant, they all provide freshest seafood

    Drink at: There are many great places to drink especially on Haad Rin

    Bring: Swim Suit, Sun block and spirit of adventure

    Don’t forget: Turn off your mobile, leave your laptop at home

    Anything else? Check out Haad Salad, it used to be a pirates hide out where they waited until their ships were full of booty and slaves before setting off to trade. It’s a beautiful and secluded beach set it a little cove surrounded by high jungle hills