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    For the little ones

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    Spas have long given babies and toddlers the cold shoulder; after all, the whole spa experience is about relaxation and solitude. My BeBe Spa, however, is set to change that perception, offering Bangkok’s littlest residents a haven of their own.

    Located in the Mille Malle community mall in Sukhumvit Soi 20, My BeBe Spa is a warm, tranquil space decked in bright, cheerful hues. Its menu of offerings is impressive, from infant massages and swimming to baby haircuts and pre-scheduled playdates. “In a world of increasing specialization, we bring to Thailand the concept of a comprehensive spa for babies and young children, a haven for every mother’s bebe,” says Pavan Narula, Managing Director of My BeBe Spa.

    She further explains that My BeBe Spa is a place to bond with one’s baby in a relaxed environment. Not only does the baby get special soothing treatment or pampering, mothers also get a break from the often-daunting experience of motherhood.

    Infant swimming for babies up to 24 months in age is one of My BeBe Spa’s choice offerings. As babies have a natural affinity with water, having spent nine months in their mothers’ womb, “they take to the feeling of floating in warm water. Our individual warm-water spa tubs resemble the intrauterine environment that the baby instantly recognizes,” says Pavan. The baby is equipped with a float that is specially designed to go around the neck, ensuring that the head is safely kept out of the water and the baby enjoys a full range of movement.

    Aside from the comforting sensation, the tubs provide hydrotherapy benefits to newborns in strengthening development of the brain, respiratory and digestive systems. Research has also shown that infant swimming fosters a growing sense of self-esteem, confidence, and independence.

    Babies can literally test the water. “A newcomer should start with 15 minutes and slowly build up the time in our pool to half an hour,” suggests Pavan. Regular visits are welcome. Some mothers have found that infant swimming improves a tot’s appetite and helps with sleep.

    Another popular offering is baby massage by trained certified specialists. A regular nurturing touch aids relaxation and sleep, relieves wind and colic, and promotes healthy development along with physical and mental wellbeing. My BeBe Spa only uses gentle, vegetable-based oils, and encourages parents to learn infant massage techniques from the therapists in order to regularly massage their babies at home.

    The baby salon is a thoughtful touch, providing a service for the mother who would like to hold her child during his or her first haircut; this even includes keepsake snippets of hair. Those with active toddlers will appreciate the car-shaped entertainer seat that keeps kids somewhat still while they get groomed.

    Kid spa services also include massage for toddlers to older kids in a private space; body scrubs using specially formulated homemade scrubs followed by an oat bath soak; and natural facials. Girls will especially enjoy the nail salon, replete with a pedicure pit and manicure station. Little nails are soaked and then gently filed and shaped before the application of organic massage creams. The final and fun touch is in choosing a non-toxic polish from a variety of colors.

    “Come individually or in groups,” invites Pavan. “In addition to doing nails, we can schedule playdates for up to five babies for spa tub fun.” My BeBe Spa also houses a retail shop that offers unique baby clothing, accessories, and development enhancing toys.

    Understanding the sometime unpredictable temperament of infants and young kids, My BeBe Spa is flexible and works with parents to give their children the best treatments that afford healthy development in the most effortless and enjoyable way. “Our specially trained staff will provide each child with a rich experience while focusing on exceeding parents expectation by being child-paced and baby friendly. Come see what a difference a little TLC at the spa can do,” says Pavan.