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    Mr. Jones’ Orphanage: Unique Items

      /  RESTAURANTS + BARS   /  Mr. Jones’ Orphanage: Unique Items

    Ashley Sutton has done it again. This time his establishment is not a concept bar, but rather a homemade bakery. Yes, there are countless bakeries in Bangkok so you may be wondering how Ash’s is any different, but don’t you worry, most items found at Mr. Jones’ are unique, as they are actually his own grandmother’s home recipes. Furthermore, the manager said that it is a “Milk Bar”, a term used in Australia for suburban local shops or general stores. They are traditionally a place where people pick up milk and newspapers, and where school children purchase milkshakes and lollipops. Although he does not currently have lollipops at the shop, it is possible that he will eventually incorporate them into the menu, as it is a work in progress.

    Currently, the most popular items on the menu are the Chocky Mud Pie, a scrumptious melting molten cake served with fresh vanilla ice cream and strawberries; lemonade scones served with homemade strawberry jam and fresh cream; Grandma’s Sweet & Sour Pancakes; Mr. Jones’ Giant Marshmallow; and the Earthquake Cookie filled with chocolate goodness. There is a toy car served with each treat, which you can purchase for Bt50 and the money will to go to The Camillian Home (Caring for Children Living with Disabilities: St. Camillus Foundation of Thailand), so even though it is a business at Mr. Jones’ they take pride in goodwill as well.

    Let’s get back to the menu! You definitely need something to drink while enjoying one (or two or three!) of these sweet treats, so be sure to sip on one of the many options. Let’s start with what goes best with cookies: milk! Flavors include the standard vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, alongside spearmint and bubblegum. All the milk at Mr. Jones is served in a small glass bottle and you may think that it’s too little of a serving, but once you take a sip of the rich milk, I assure that you will agree it’s more than enough. There is also a choice of coffees (Stockholm blend, toffee, and ginger) and teas (autumn spice, chocolate mint, and citrus twist), as well as fresh juices. If you fancy hot chocolate, there are three options for you: dark, milk, or white. The drink menu for adults has a cute list of options, including the Cookie Monster (kahlua, vodka, Oreo, chocolate), Ash’s Grandmum’s Secret (Maker’s Mark, caramel, and vanilla) and Tipsy Teddy Bear (passion fruit, caramel, tomato, and rum).

    Now that you know all about what is available at Mr. Jones’ I’m sure you want to check it out (as does everybody else in Bangkok!) It’s located on Thonglor Soi 13 at SeenSpace where Ash’s Fatr’ Gutz and Clouds are located, and is a rather small spot, so if it is full when you get there make sure to wait, or buy a treat to go, because it is a great experience with a homey and comfy feel, especially because you can see the fresh cookies coming out of the oven and put onto a rack to cool. There is a large carousel at the store and the display of treats is fun as customers are able to take a tong and choose what products they want.

    Ash ensures that he made complete use of all the space given by creating a second floor, dubbed “The Chocolate Lounge”, with some seating as well. The ceilings are very low so if possible, try to get a seat on the first floor as it is more comfortable and has better service. You would be surprised to know that there are only three ovens operated by two head chefs, three sous chefs, and five bakers who come in at 7:00 a.m. because the amount of goodies they provide is very extensive.

    Mr. Jones’ is open seven days a week from noon until midnight baking fresh treats all day, and will soon be serving brunch. So make sure to go try some great treats so you don’t miss out!