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    Island Hideaway

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    If you’re looking for an island paradise to enjoy real peace and tranquility, Koh Kood is the place to go and the Away Resort resort is the place to stay.

    by Atthasith Khupratakul & Percy Roxas

    Some refer to Koh Kood as “The Maldives of Thailand.” And, while some may call that pure hyperbole, there’s no denying that the island can be as magical as The Maldives with its stunning scenery and postcard pretty beaches, especially if you stay at the Away Resort.

    Located on the west coast of the island, Away Resort is a true hideaway. If you’re looking for an island paradise where real peace and tranquility reign, then Koh Kood is the place to go and the Away Resort is the place to stay.

    On the way to the island, I wasn’t expecting much. Koh Kood, despite being Thailand’s fourth largest island, is really small and until recently, unchartered. I know that here I can enjoy some rugged natural beauty and activities that I can’t enjoy elsewhere, and yes, I was ready for a back-to-the-basics trip. It was more than I expected.

    Surprisingly, Away Resort offers luxury accommodations, quite a stark contrast but definitely a gentle complement to its rugged surroundings. We stayed in deluxe bungalow villas with private terraces that let you welcome the sea breeze and views at all times. Now, I know why it was a finalist in the 2010 “Outstanding Secluded Boutique Resort” award given by Hotel Club in. Away Resort boasts luxurious 5-star comforts, environmentally friendly operations, and lots of space to create the island paradise holiday of your dreams. My dreams, at least.

    The resort is nestled in a lush tropical forest, away from the crowded beaches. It is as serene as serene can be, like that happy place in my mind where I can hear the music of the waves lapping in and out before they gently kiss the sandy beach. As a friend who was here before told us, “It’s the perfect place to do nothing, just nothing.”

    Yet there is a multitude of activities available at the resort if you desire. The resort is center to the largest activity and diving center on the island, and you can take part in the excitement of the divers, even before they venture to sea. You can take an easy walk to the Klong Chao Waterfall, which is very close to the resort, or join a snorkeling party to Rangs Island. You can take a tour of the entire island if you wish to, or join a sunset cruise while sipping champagne, or be part of a beach party with a barbecue, drinks, campfire by the sea, music, and games.

    And of course, you can try the local food at Escape restaurant with a mimosa for breakfast, where chefs create a selection of cuisine to fit fine island dining. As a friend said, “For this cuisine alone guests will find themselves wanting to return to Away.” And then, you can enjoy a picnic lunch by the beach, and again a fantastic dinner by the beach.

    The Away beach is possibly the best on Koh Kood. Whether you enjoy romantic barefoot strolls along the beach or cocktails and relaxing on fine sands under a starry night, this is all yours to enjoy. Even during daytime, the beach perfectly complements the beauty on all sides of the resort. The best thing is, it is absolutely private, and not a soul is there to disturb you.

    The duplex bungalows, which as with all parts of the resort are designed in the most natural way to blend into their surroundings continue the “Eco-Resort” theme, are made with sustainable local materials. Guests can also book “Homes in the Trees” for a unique green holiday experience. Imagine sitting on the terrace and enjoying the gin-clear aquamarine waters below in absolute resort comfort.

    One of my favorite corners here is the Castaway Pub, located just about 10 meters from the waterfront. Maybe it’s only me, but the views here seem to change all the time, depending on the time of day, and probably my mood. I can’t even begin to fully describe the experience.

    Otherwise, there are drinks and snacks and entertainment, including Internet and karaoke, for those who easily get bored. If you’re a spa lover, then you’re in luck, because the Away Spa Pavilion offers a truly, fully tropical Thai resort pampering.

    I really enjoyed Away Resort, with one exception. I wished my loved one was with me during my stay. Both the island and the resort create a truly enjoyable holiday, but how better they would have been if my loved one was there with me.

    Last note: Great as I say visiting Koh Kood and Away Resort are, try to plan a visit during the dry season. Rains can be a downer anywhere, and especially when you’re alone in a room on an intimate island where even water and electricity are best conserved. Otherwise, it’s a totally enjoyable holiday. Koh Kood and Away Resort? Ah, bliss!

    Contact Details:
    Away Koh Kood
    43/8 Moo.2 Baan Klongchao, Koh Kood, Trat
    Tel: 087-136-4036, 081-835-4517