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    Fatr’ Gutz: Comfort Food Concept

      /  RESTAURANTS + BARS   /  Fatr’ Gutz: Comfort Food Concept

    We all know that Fat Gutz Saloon in Grass Thonglor, which opened June 2010, does extremely well. Ash Sutton has decided to open another branch, in SeenSpace, also the location of his new homemade bakery concept store (see related article) which he calls “Fatr” Gutz.

    Ash is actually a sailor and owns a ship, and has expressed his nautical side in the decor. As you enter the restaurant you will see a large anchor up front. There is a rustic feel as the tables are made out of iron from an old ship. On each table there are starfish and shell ornaments, which add a cute touch to the atmosphere. There is also an aquarium inside, where there are bar stools, and if you sit there you can see the kitchen and chefs working through the glass, which is fun as well.

    The executive chef at this establishment is legendary Mick Mulryan, who has worked in New York City, Los Angeles, and Koh Samui, where he is known as the “Rock’n’Roll” Chef. Mick’s specialty is Cajun food, which uses a mix of spices and herbs to create legendary flavors that are becoming increasingly well known around the world. He actually put Cajun cuisine on the map around Koh Samui, and now he wants to expand in Bangkok via the menu at Fatr’ Gutz. He spoke about the parallels between cooking and music by explaining that they are both forms of composition and ultimately the goal is to please people. At Fatr’ Gutz there is comforting lounge music playing in the background.

    The concept here is comfort food. Mick isn’t into architectural dishes, but rather simple ingredients combined to make delicious dishes. He mentioned that the signature dish at Fat Gutz is fish and chips, but at Fatr’ Gutz it’s Texas pork ribs, which are a tad spicy with sweet and sour sauce on top to contrast tastes. All the sauces he uses are made from scratch, ensuring great flavors and freshness. They include Creole honey mustard, garlic aioli and Cajun tartar. Other items on the menu include potato-crusted salmon and blackened chicken served with Creole sauce. He also serves bowls of soups: mushroom, tomato basil, and potato chorizo, which are also served next door at Mr. Jones’.

    Mick soon plans to incorporate gumbo and jambalaya dishes into the menu and also says to look out for killer sandwiches and salads to come in the near future! All the dishes are crafted with care, attention to detail, and presented beautifully so definitely do stop by for a bite!