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    Dressed for Business

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    How to maintain your comfort during travel and still look dressed for success throughout your trip.

    Maybe we all haven’t acquired as many frequent-flyer miles like George Clooney’s character in “Up In The Air.” However, business trips have become that more frequent as flight travel has become more accessible. Here’s how to maintain your comfort during travel and still look dressed for success throughout your trip.

    Going on a business trip can mean one of several things: Firstly, it’s a great opportunity to expand your travel horizons. Secondly, to network, and finally — plain and simple — to get out of your day-to-day office confines. There are a few cumbersome things needed to be accomplished before you set off on your journey. One major component that stumps even the most discerning traveler every now and then is packing efficiently.

    Time and again, we find ourselves hauling oversized bags from point A to point B, while only making use of half of the items brought. From your check-in luggage to your carry on bags, these are some noteworthy tips to ensure you are well equipped for your travels and still bring your best corporate foot forward upon landing at your destination.

    The most important step is to confirm your itinerary. Try to gauge how much time will be spent at work and whether you will have time for casual outings. This can save a lot of time and space in your essential list of things to pack. If you’re flying into Bangkok, for example, check to see if it’s the peak of rainy season or the height of scorching summer. This can assist in your decisions such as carrying your best dress or not.

    While on a business trip, representing your company from start to finish is key. Therefore, the most suitable attire for the journey is your suit or blazer, depending on your industry. Remember, if you wouldn’t wear it to work, you probably shouldn’t wear it on flight. This also saves the weight for other bulky items you need to pack. Depending on the duration of your trip, one suit should suffice. Any longer and a garment bag would be suggested. As tedious as this is to lug around, it saves you time from pressing out the creases during your trip. On the other hand, if you are in Thailand, look out for the innumerable number of custom tailors and get shirts and suits made at a fraction of the cost if time permits.

    The significant decision for packing your tops and bottoms is color scheme. For tops, stick to no more than three colors. A simple color palette for two tops and a bolder color or printed top for the third piece, if you like. Additionally, you can simplify your scheme entirely with monotone colors and accessorize with vibrant scarves or neckties. Brands catered to the professional individual have embraced wrinkle-free fabrics, so be sure to check with your favorite retailer if they offer this option. This is the ideal fabric for the corporate jet setter today. A great alternative for the formal shirt is a jersey blouse or sweater. These are easily rolled up into the suitcase and are usually wrinkle resistant. They also offer a professional look under a blazer. Consider at least one jersey dress and/or cardigan for choice.

    Choose two-three bottoms according to your tops. This may include a neutral set of gray or black pants/skirts. Wear jeans on the flight, if appropriate – another added weight saver for your luggage. This will also allow you to create the perfect day to evening look to catch the local happy hours at sundown, should you find the time to do so. Be sure to sport this look with a blazer to maintain a presentable look.

    Accessories should be minimal and be able to match all your outfits. Wear your heavier pieces such as necklaces en route. As for your shoes, slip-on loafers or ballet shoes are best for those long walks to the departure gates and low-key functions outside of work. Pack your formal work shoes that will match all your outfits.

    Doing a little research before hand about your destination goes a long way. Bringing along all your electrical appliances will be redundant if you don’t have the correct power adaptor.

    The voltage in Thailand is 220, which is used almost worldwide. However, if you do require a converter, you will be able to find them in the duty free section upon arrival at the Bangkok airport itself. Or, you could find them at the local department stores in the city – namely Emporium. Be sure to store all cords and assorted chargers in a kit of its own – keep a list visible inside the kit so as to check it off when you pack up once again.

    If you will be traveling more frequently, buy duplicates of all your toiletries and keep them packed in your bathroom kit to avoid forgetting anything. This will be helpful when you are traveling to cities that may not have your required brand of products.
    While in Bangkok, however, you will be able to find most personal care products and necessities at ‘Boots’ Pharmacy. This UK-based pharmacy is located in the Bangkok airport as well as in prominent downtown retail outlets. Look for travel-sized kits in their own private label at a bargain. Do note that liquids or sprays taken on board cannot exceed 100ml from Thailand.


    Traveling can take a toll on your professional appearance. Save yourself from the disheveled condition and make an impression upon arrival.

    • Pack handy wipes or facial towelettes, breath mints and moisturizer in your carry on. Lip balm is a must so you don’t look dehydrated. For longer flights, try a dry shampoo if your hair gets oily.
    • For those with longer hair, tie in a high or low bun to avoid your hair from going flat.
    • Keep a perfume roll-on of a light scent, that way you don’t overpower other passengers and yet feel fresh.
    • Be sure to wear comfortable slip on shoes. This will also be convenient especially during security check.

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    • Boots Pharmacy: +66 2694 5999
    • Emporium Shopping Complex: +662 269 1000 ext. 1188