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    Pack & Bring – September 2012

      /  DESTINATIONS   /  Pack & Bring – September 2012

    Must-Read on the Beach and Elsewhere

    Few things are better than getting a tan with your favorite book in hand. Here are some of the books you may want to bring on your holidays. You can buy them at local bookstores.

    SWITCHED by Alfred Sparman

    Led by lust and followed by envy, sloth, pride, gluttony, greed, and anger, Alfred Sparman’s new novel is a story of love, sex, money and revenge. When Rosa, a Puerto Rican beauty entrances renowned cardiac surgeon Dr. Alfred Sparman, he risks everything in his life for lust. After succumbing to his desires, lies and deception kick in setting off a chain of events that turn his life pside down. As Alfred’s life hangs in the balance, his own brother Ashton steps forward to instigate his long awaited plans, adding a whole new twist to the story. “Switched” is part fiction and part reality, encouraging readers to distinguish fact and fiction and challenge them to apply to everyday life. Written from the protagonist’s point of view, the main character envelops the feelings, emotions and actions that result from surrendering to the seven deadly sins. Sparman’s storytelling is reminiscent of that of Adama & Eve and Cain & Abel, evidence that the feelings and actions described within the book have been ingrained in the human population from the start.

    KISS THE SKY by DC Gallin

    DC Gallin can be called many things, but ordinary certainly isn’t one of them. A free spirit who counts painter, artist, health food chef, mother of four, wife, globetrotter, and author among her current occupations, Gallin’s journey thus far can be described as nothing is not extraordinary – and wholly her own. Living life with the kind of passionate abandon that most people only dream of, the vivacious Gallin has lived in inner-city London squats, partied it up on the wild dance floors of Ibiza in the 80s, built her own house in sunny southern pain alongside her husband, and sold her ful-length literary debut, “Kiss the Sky” to over 2,000 travelers on the beaches of Thailand’s infamous party hotspot, Koh Phangan. Released worldwide summer of this year, the book is a spirited, colorful, and empowering fictional account of one young woman’s transgressions through the heart of London in the heady 90s to the masses. An advocate of sexual liberation, psychedelic substances, and the transformative powers of art and anti-consumerism, “Kiss the Sky” was written, in Gallin’s mown words, “to validate the dreams of my generation and of those who are following in our footsteps to create one world and world peace through the dance floor.”

    FOREVER by Nick Langat

    “FOREVER or death is just a waste of time” is Nick Langat’s second book. It is an art photo book with poetry, made in memory of Thaworn Phrarach. Langat took the photos during his journeys with Thaworn and the poetry was written after Thaworn left his body at the age of 30, but never left Nick. “FOREVER” is a monument of love and friendship that is bitter sweet. The relationship between Nick and Thaworn was torn apart when the latter passed away but “FOREVER” is not just a sad look back on the time they had together but also a hopeful and bright look forward to whenever and wherever they will meet again. The book consists of 58 photos and poetry on 80 pages.

    Cool Camera

    Nikon Corporation has just released the L610, a 14× optical zoom model for the COOLPIX L series, which puts emphasis on simple operation and functions that make digital photography fun

    The L610 is the latest model in the L-series lineup. It is equipped with a 14× optical zoom lens and is very easy to use. It offers a number of features and functions that allow users to capture their subjects with simple operations. The backside illumination CMOS sensor of the L610 contains 16 million pixels that achieves superior image quality, even at high ISO sensitivities. The camera is also equipped with lens-shift vibration reduction (VR), Target Finding AF (the camera automatically identifies and focuses on the subject) and full-HD video recording.

    Primary Features
    A 14× optical zoom NIKKOR lens covering focal lengths from 25-350mm (35mm format equivalent)
    The camera is equipped with a high-performance NIKKOR lens, which includes a built-in lens-shift vibration reduction (VR) function. This enables hand-held shooting of a wide variety of everyday scenes, from wide-angle landscapes and group shots to telephoto shooting that brings subjects closer. The camera and lens also support macro photography for capturing close-up photos.

    The backside illumination CMOS sensor
    With the superior image quality of 16 million pixels and the high-speed processing capability of the backside illumination CMOS sensor, it enables high-speed capture of multiple exposures that are then combined into a single image. This ensures that users will be able to capture their desired images regardless of dark or dimly lit surroundings.

    Target Finding AF
    The L610 is equipped with Target Finding AF, a technology that identifies photographic subjects, developed exclusively by Nikon. This technology is based on an incredibly large number of simulations as well as ergonomics to analyze conditions that make it easy for the camera to identify human subjects. By simply pointing the camera at the subject, the camera instantly predicts where to focus. As the active focus area is automatically specified in accordance with the size of the subject, the resulting images will be incredibly clear. In addition, Target Finding AF not only works with subjects positioned at the center of the frame, but with off-center subjects as well. This capability is not only effective with human subjects, but also with smaller objects such as flowers, food, etc.

    Equipped with a function for recording high-resolution full-HD movies with stereo sound
    By simply pressing a button on the back of the camera, users can record 1920 × 1080p/30-fps full-HD movies with stereo sound. The L610 is equipped with an HDMI mini connector, which allows users to watch their movies with family and friends with high-definition picture quality by simply connecting the camera to a high-definition TV using a standard third-party HDMI cable.

    A compact body designed with large buttons for simple operation
    The camera is easy to use with a grip, shape and texture that offer a firm hold. Its large buttons and controls enhance the easy operation. The metal-tone accents on the camera give it an elegant appearance. The L610 will be available in three colors: black, red, and silver.

    A variety of shooting functions
    In the Easy Auto mode, users can simply point the camera at the subject and it will automatically identify the scene and shooting conditions to apply the optimal scene mode. The L610 also lets users apply special effects before or after the photo is taken.
    Easy auto mode: 6 scenes (Portrait, Landscape, Night Portrait, Night Landscape, Close-up, Backlighting)
    Special effects: 4 effects (Soft, High Key, Low Key, Selective Color)
    Filter effects: 5 filters (Soft, Selective Color, Cross Screen, Miniature Effect, Painting)

    Uses readily available AA batteries
    The L610 supports both AA alkaline batteries, which are inexpensive and convenient. It also supports AA lithium batteries, which can be recharged for use. The batteries are widely available and accessible.

    The L610 is now available at camera stores around the city.